Emendo offers high-quality English language transcription that works seamlessly for Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish nationals. We provide a cost-effective and accurate service for many Scandinavian academicians and university students, as well as private businesses.

Transcription is carried out by a native English transcriber and the transcript is then passed onto a proofreader, who checks it for typographical errors before it is returned to the customer. We also have native Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish translators and transcribers at the company to assist with any difficulties.

We accept all audio and video formats, and the source material may be sent to us by email or regular mail, or delivered to our office in person.

To give an accurate quote for a project we need to receive details about, or assess the material for, audio quality, number of speakers, any unusual terminology and background noise. Time-pressured delivery of the project may also affect the final price. However, rest assured that we will provide a competitive quote within one to two business days of receiving the above information about your project.

When you send your material to Emendo, you can relax in the knowledge that the service you receive will be reliable, secure and accurate.

For answers to frequently asked questions about our transcription services, see “transcription”.